Videos and Testimonials


“After Day 3, my son was swimming on his own in the water! Kate not only taught my son the skills to swim but she built up the confidence he needed to trust himself to swim. By Day 6 he could swim the length of the pool, jump off the diving board and swim to the side, and on the last day, he went down the slide by himself. Kate is so patient, firm yet gentle and full of praises and encouragement. She adjusts herself to the student’s ability and personality and is truly good at what she does.” – Anita M.

“My 3.5 year old just completed the 8 day program and I am so impressed! She went from not even putting her face in the water and being completely scared to jumping off by herself and swimming head in water for 5 seconds.  The teachers are so kind (we had Elizabeth and loved her!) but they all used the same proven technique and we watched all of the kids learn so much in those 8 days! Highly recommend this program!” – Kara S.

“I cannot begin to say how happy I am that I signed my son up with lifetime swimmers.  He is only 2.5 years old and within 8 days has learned so much!!  Ms. Kate is the best swimming instructor and I couldn’t be happier.  Now I don’t have to be worried about him being around a pool and not knowing what to do if he were to fall in.  He has learned all the basic/first steps of swimming and its such an awesome feeling as a parent.. Will definitely be signing up for more classes next year.” – Lynette K.


This is a 2.5 year old beginner swimmer on day 6 of lessons.


2.5 year old beginner swimmer learning to swim back to the wall after an accidental fall in.


2 year old beginner lesson on day 3 of lessons.


Student swimming the length of the pool using free style and side breath.