Our Program

The Lifetime Swimmers Method applies to all swimmers who are 3 years or older. The swimmer must be potty trained and not experiencing any developmental delays. With our method, it is expected that the swimmer will:

  • Be able to jump into the pool and turn around to grab the wall behind them
  • Know to swim to the wall closest to them and climb out in the case of an accidental slip in.

Our program requires the swimmer to be actively participating and trying all the new experiences that instructors are providing. Our program can be tough but we mix fun into our lessons with songs, games, toys, and silliness. Please be aware that we may ask your child to participate in new water experiences that they may not be previously accustom to. Our instructors are trained and will assist them while also helping them to understand their new found abilities.

In order for the swimmers to meet the expectations they must be at all 8 lessons and must be in the water for the whole 25 minutes of each lesson. If one or more classes are missed and/or if the swimmer is late to two or more classes then our method is void. The method will also be void if the parent or child asks the instructor to deviate from the specific course schedule. Lastly, if your swimmer misses any of their original 8 classes, even if they were provided with a make-up lesson on a different date, the method is void.

Skills Taught

First time Lifetime Swimmers (3 years and older)

  • Hold breath
  • Face in water
  • Kick legs in water
  • Work on using arms while face in water
  • Jump off the wall
  • Get toys on steps underwater
  • Jump into water from wall, turn and get the closest wall
  • Know to swim to closest wall in case of accidental slip in
  • Work on floating on back
  • Use the wall for assistance in moving from one end of the pool to the other
  • Climb out of the pool
  • Water safety

Intermediate Swimmers

  • All of the above mentioned skills
  • Use arms while face in water and kicking
  • Get toys off bottom of pool in shallow end
  • Jump off wall and swim across with assistance
  • Jump off wall and swim to shallow end with assistance
  • Breaths
  • Back float
  • Dive from the wall with assistance
  • Treading water
  • Flip from back float and swim to the closest wall
  • Tread, float, and then swim to the closest wall

Advanced Swimmers

  • All of the above mentioned skills
  • Freestyle
  • Side breathe
  • Backstroke
  • Elementary Backstroke
  • Breaststroke
  • Breaststroke while synchronizing the breath
  • Butterfly
  • Swim all mentioned strokes from deep end to shallow end
  • Freestyle flip turn
  • Dive
  • Jump dive
  • Racing dive
  • Dive and pick up toys from the bottom of the pool
  • Complete an Individual Medley (IM)